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As homeowners ourselves, we know that if money and budgets weren’t a concern, every home would be spray foamed from top to bottom. When we assess your home, we use our expertise to share which area will give you the most comfort, and quickest return of your investment. We will always choose quality over quantity. A warm customer benefits our company far more than overselling a product where it is not needed. We want you to be so happy and warm, that you won’t be able to NOT share with people the service you received from us!

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Is spray foam a lot more money than conventional methods?

Spray foam insulation is a larger upfront investment which will pay for itself over time. The home is much more efficient with spray foam versus batt insulation for example. If you factor in heating costs over a 5-10 year time it will actually be the less expensive. 

Is spray foam bad for your health?
When applied correctly and after the 24 hour curing process the foam is harmless. Any bad foam jobs would have been done by an inexperienced or unqualified installer.  Canada has some of the strictest guidelines for foam installation and provided they are followed and the installers are certified there will be no issue.  At the end of the day if I had to choose to stick my face in a batt of fibreglass or foam...I'd pick foam every time.
what do insurance companies require for meeting code?
Most insurance companies require foam product to be protected with a thermal barrier, such as drywall or a DC315 thermal barrier. In areas where drywall is not installed, DC315 thermal barrier paint is applied on top of the spray foam insulation.
Do I need to stud up my basement walls first?

There's no need to stud up walls in your basement. The foam will adhere directly to the foundation.

How much R-value can you get in my walls. (2x4 2x6 etc)

The foam is R-6 per inch.

Can you Spray your foam in the winter?

Yes we can, during colder months we switch to our "winter blend". It can react at colder temperatures. Sometimes we may need to pre-heat an area a day or so before the application, but as a rule we can spray substrate up to -10 degrees Celsius.

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