We all love a steaming hot cup of coffee. If we’re on the go, or busy, we want that steaming mug to stay piping hot. So, we use the technology of a thermos to do just that. But what about a really hot day? Sometimes, if we’re too warm, we’ll switch to an iced coffee. Have you ever used a thermos to keep your iced coffee cold? Your thermos will also keep your coffee ice cold if you want it to. We just sometimes forget that our thermos can do both! The thermos can keep drinks hot or cold, thanks to the fact that insulation in the thermos acts as a thermal barrier between one temperature and the other.

Every fall, the phones in our pockets buzz like mad, as customers begin preparing for the cold season. In fact, it sometimes feels like our cell phones are connected directly to turned up thermostats! What people often forget is that home insulation can function just like their coffee thermos, and can benefit them in keeping their homes not just warm, but also cool!

Here’s How

We know that Insulation is the best way to keep our homes comfortably warm in the heating season, but it’s also beneficial for keeping your indoor temperature comfortably cool in the warmer months.

A well insulated attic will do a better job at keeping hot sun rays from warming up your home, and will also keep your air conditioned air from escaping out the roof.
2lb Closed Cell Spray foam insulation on your basement walls keeps moisture from entering your home. There’s nothing worse than feeling overheated and muggy!
The effect of keeping moisture out of your air will allow it to be conditioned and cooled more efficiently, meaning your cooling system will work less.

Insulation really is a year round comfort system. The best solution for your heating bill is to contact us now, so we can reduce the heat coming into your home, stop the cool air from leaving, and reduce the humidity in your basement. And once winter comes, you’ll already be doubly ready to keep your home comfortably warm, just like a good ol’ cup of joe.

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