Most people believe that since they’re not using their unfinished basement, they not only don’t need to worry about heating it, but they also don’t need to consider insulating it well. They focus on increasing insulation and running heat in the areas of their home that are most lived in. However, I’m going to demonstrate for you that a warm basement is actually the equivalent to a warm home, and will mean a lower heating bill for you!


How Air Moves

Your basement may be causing about 30% of your heating bill, without you even knowing it. Here’s a myth busters moment for you: hot air not only rises, but it can move in any direction.  Heat is always moving from high temperature areas to lower temperature areas.


Air is always moving throughout your home.Your home always has the same amount of air in it at all times. As air naturally moves through the roof during heating season, that air needs to be replaced. Your home replaces lost air by pulling up air from below. If the air in your basement is cold, then this cold air is what is being pulled up into your living space. Remember that basements have more moisture content due to the concrete foundation. So, your home is also pulling up damp air, and damp air is harder to heat than conditioned air.

Rim Joists Makes a Difference Too

As air is being pulled throughout the home, if there are any leaks in rim joists in the basement, cold air from outside is also being pulled in through those rim joists as well. You can start to see the picture of why a cold, damp, leaky basement isn’t a heat efficient solution for your whole home.

How Spray Foam Can Reduce This Problem

By insulating your basement with spray foam,  you’re making it incredibly easy and efficient to heat not just the basement, but your whole home. Spray foam does this by sealing up air leaks in the rim joists, and locking out the moisture in the foundation.  When you’ve eliminated air infiltration and moisture in your basement, the air that is rising into your living space is no longer cold or damp, but warm, dry and conditioned air.


You no longer need to heat the new air being introduced to upper levels of your home. It’s simply being maintained.  Your home as a whole is now easier to heat and stays more comfortable. Your heating system has to work less, and you get to keep more money in your pocket!


We Can Help  

When you need new or more insulation, we can guide you in making the right insulation choice for your home. We look at all of the puzzle pieces that need to go together for the right level of efficiency, that can also meet your budget.

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