Summer of 2019 in Atlantic Canada was a beautiful one. While it was beautiful, you may have spent this summer sweating in your home, and are already scheming how to ensure next summer is more comfortable. Did you know that attic Insulation isn’t just beneficial for your home in the winter? It’s also effective in maintaining an optimal cool temperature in the summer, and may be the solution to your sweaty days and uncomfortably hot nights!

Attic insulation works for your home year round, keeping heat in and cold out during the winter, and keeping the cool, air conditioned air in, and the heat out in the summer.

During the warm summer months, attic spaces are incredibly warm. The hot sun hits the asphalt or metal roofing, intensifying the heat in the attic. Since your roof slopes down to the exterior walls of your home, the hot attic space can be inches away from your living space. And, if you’re lacking adequate insulation in the attic, there is no doubt that your living space is feeling the effects of the hot summer sun.

Put Your Hat On!

Everyone remembers their mom telling them to put a hat on in the cold to keep your head and ears warm. In the summer, she also nagged you to keep a hat on to protect your head from getting too much sun. Your attic is the ‘head’ of your home, and needs a proper hat on to protect it!


The attic is the buffer zone between living space and outdoor space. It’s where warm air can meet cold air, which causes condensation. Condensation on organic structures, such as your roof framing, is a recipe for mildew and mold growth. This can be reduced by introducing air flow into the attic. The air flow will help keep the moisture moving out of the home and prevents it from becoming trapped in your attic space.


Use Insulation to Help

Since insulation reduces the amount of conditioned air getting into the attic, it will reduce the amount of moisture created. Adding insulation is one effective way to reduce moisture in your attic. Other effective strategies to mitigate moisture are: air sealing, weather stripping to your attic hatch, sealing plumbing pipes and wire penetration, and paying special attention around chimneys. 


How We Can Help

We can help you decide on how much insulation in your attic will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as how to reduce moisture in your attic.  Contact us today to set up your appointment for a free estimate, and get started on effective attic insulation! 


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