While there’s cold winds blowing in our coats, and droves of snow falling to the ground, new home building season is in the back of the minds of many right now. Here at Huff ‘N Puff, there are plans being sent our way from many excited clients preparing to build their dream home this Spring.

Over time, we’ve seen that first time homebuyers make one major mistake while building that they regret down the road. We’d like to help you avoid that regret  by sharing the story of one recent customer with 3 important tips.

The Smiths Cold Room 

Recently, a customer contacted Huff ‘N Puff because of frequent frustration with the cold floors in their main bathroom. We’ll call this family “The Smiths”. This home is stunningly beautiful, with beautiful countertops, tiled floors, real hardwood throughout, beautiful fixtures and finishes.

Despite this home being only 4 years old, the family struggles with a bathroom floor so cold, they avoid using it. In fact, they’ve stopped heating it, because even when heated, it does not stay warm. They built a beautiful home, but were left living uncomfortably in this one room of their home. 

Is It The Builders Fault?

This is an issue we’ve encountered many times when offering an estimate to a potential customer. 99% of the time, the builder of a home hasn’t cut corners, they’ve simply overlooked a seemingly simple job, leading to a bigger issue down the road than they could have anticipated. Insulation is a building science, and it’s important to have insulation experts assist you

In this case, the tedious task of creating a good vapour barrier was made next to impossible due to having engineered floor joists. Engineered floor joists are full of voids and have very little solid areas to adhere to your vapour barrier. A vapour barrier is meant to stop air from infiltrating your home, and is also the key ingredient for the outdated fiberglass to achieve its maximum R-value.

This bathroom also expanded into the unheated garage of the home. A combination of a weak vapour barrier and a cold 16’’ pocket under the floor created by the floor joists, made fighting the outdoor elements impossible for this room.

In the Smiths home, Huff ‘N Puff has been able to create a solution for the cold bathroom with spray foam insulation. It’s important to note that this fix would have cost little to nothing extra at the time of construction, which now costs the owners $1,500. 

TIP #1 – Get Huff ‘N Puff to give recommendations in the planning stages to keep costs low and to ensure your entire home is nice and warm for many years to come.

Emphasize The Skeleton

When building a new home, it is very easy to get caught up in the finishes, marble countertops and exterior finishes really make people take notice.  But it is you the owner that will be living in this home for many years, which is why taking special care of insulation while building is of the utmost importance. The beauty of this is that it’s one of the few investments in your home that will actually pay you back over time (hello lower power bills)!


TIP #2 – Put as much research into the comfort of your home than you will with aesthetics items like countertops and flooring.

Choosing spray foam insulation over fiberglass batts may be less expensive up front than you think, and certainly it IS less expensive the longer you own your home. We always advise customers that if you’re planning on staying in your home for the long haul, you’ll never regret investing in quality insulation up front!


TIP# 3 – Think of long-term costs, not just the upfront one’s. If you plan on staying in your home, energy efficiency plays a big part to your ongoing bills.

We’d Love to Be a Part of Your New Home Build!

When you’re ready to pull the trigger on your new build, ask your builder for Huff ‘N Puff by name. We are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and we always aim to ensure customers are comfortable, cool and warm in their home.  We also understand that most of us New Brunswickers have a budget, and we’re always happy to show you a few options and combinations of types of insulation to simultaneously save you money while putting the attention into the areas that we know will need it.

Happy home-building! 

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